Warehouse Money Card Terms and Conditions, Rates and Fees

Credit Cards Terms and Conditions

Warehouse Money Visa Card Terms and Conditions - view it here
Warehouse Money MasterCard and Red Card Terms and Conditions - view it here

Rates and Fees

Purchase interest rate 19.95% p.a.
Cash advance interest rate 22.95% p.a.
Establishment fee $55.00 (one off)
Annual fee $0.00
Additional card fee $0.00
Late payment fee $15.00
Overseas currency conversion fee 2.00% of transaction
Cash advances fee - Domestic ATM $1.00
Cash advances fee - Overseas ATM $2.00
Cash advances fee - Domestic over the counter $5.00
Cash advances fee - Overseas over the counter $7.50
Paper statement fee $1.00 per statement
Copy of statement fee $5.00
Replacement card fee $5.00
Disputed transaction fee $10.00
Over the counter fee per transaction
(Only available at NZ Post)

Visa Interchange Fees

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