Are you experiencing financial Hardship?

Has your situation changed?

• Are you struggling to make your regular repayments?

• Has your income reduced, or have your expenses increased?

• Has something else happened that has changed your financial position?

Let us know what has changed, and we can work with you to help.

How to get in touch

1. Call our Credit Solutions team on 0800 801 812.  We’ll discuss what’s happened and what options we can offer to help you.
2. Complete our hardship request form and email or post to us.
3. Request a call from our Credit Solution team, by completing the form below.  Our team will request further information on the call to help us in assessing what options may suit you.

What happens next?

Depending on how you contact us, we may need to ask you for information or documents that help us to assess your application. Additional documents we may ask for include bank statements, pay slips or other income documents, and documents relating to your situation (such as ACC letters or medical certificates confirming how long you are unable to work).
Once we’ve assessed your request, we will discuss options available to help you, either temporarily or on a permanent basis.  If we agree to amend your account, we will send you a document to review and authorise before we make any changes.
Until we have made changes to your account, you need to keep trying to make payments to your account.

Seek Independent Advice

If you’re having financial difficulty, you may find it useful to get advice from a financial mentor.  You can access debt management services for free from MoneyTalks.  Call them on 0800 345 123 or visit

Financial Hardship

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Impacted by the COVID-19 virus financially?

What has changed?

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Please tell us how your financial situation has changed.