Make a claim

Need to make a claim? Here's all the information you'll need

Card Protect Insurance

How to make a claim
If you’re unsure whether or not you should be making a claim, just call AIA on 0800 500 108.

Documents that you’ll need
Warehouse Money Card Protect Claim Form

A claim can only be considered once AIA have all the necessary information, including where applicable:

  • a completed Medical Certificate section of the claim form (this applies to Critical illness or Terminal illness claims), or
  • a completed Employer Details section (this applies to Redundancy claims).
  1. Download the Claim Form, or call us on 0800 801 808 to request a copy.
  2. Fill out all sections of the form that apply to your claim.
  3. Sign the back page of the form.
  4. Attach any additional information requested in each section of the form that applies.

Where to send your completed documents
Contact_icons_letter.pngFreepost AIA,  Private Bag AIA, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142

If you need help, just call AIA on
Contact_icons_phone.png0800 500 108