Temporary increase of payWave limit

Warehouse Money and the wider payment card industry have collaborated with Payments NZ to roll out a temporary increase of the payWave limit from $80 to $200.

Why is this being done?

This change aims to help reduce the need for customers to touch PIN-pads when making in-store purchases during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How does it work?

Simply tap your card as you do today and follow instructions on the payment terminal when making purchases. If a PIN isn't asked for you don't need to enter one.

How long will the $200 limit be in place?

This increase is a way of reducing contact with frequently touched surfaces. This limit increase will be reviewed by the industry when the need to manage COVID-19 has passed.

Has anything changed security wise?

No, your card is still using secure chip technology, the only difference is that you will be asked for a PIN over $200 instead of $80 at point of sale.

Where is this $200 payWave increase going to be applied?

Everywhere payWave is accepted within New Zealand. Overseas payWave limits are not affected.

When is this happening?

The new temporary limit will be available at an increasing number of retailers over the coming days and weeks.